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Webinar: GivingData GRM

Join us this Thursday, February 8 at 1pm ET for a TAG-hosted webinar titled Effective Grantee Relationship Management to Support a More Collaborative Approach. GivingData Senior Partner, Roberto Cremonini, will be joined by Tonyel Simon, Program Officer at the Houston Endowment. In this webinar you will learn how GivingData is [...]

Webinar: GivingData GRM 2018-02-05T23:49:44+00:00

We’ll Be at TAG 2017

We're excited to once again be at the Technology Affinity Group's (TAG) annual conference, this year hosted in New Orleans. GivingData Senior Partner Roberto Cremonini will be moderating a panel with Kerry Medek (Director of Grants Management & Learning) from the GHR Foundation and Richard Carder (Learning & Evaluation [...]

We’ll Be at TAG 2017 2017-11-01T10:29:22+00:00

Rethinking Grantee Relationship Management (GRM)

We're working with our foundation partners to change the paradigm of grantmaker-grantee collaboration. Gone are the days of transactional grantmaking, where simple forms-based application and review processes are adequate for supporting the nuanced conversations between program officers, grants managers, and grantseekers. Grantmaking today is collaborative and conversational, and the [...]

Rethinking Grantee Relationship Management (GRM) 2017-11-05T23:02:07+00:00