During the last seven years GivingData has developed a mature full-featured Grants Management System to meet the needs of all types of foundations. Our new GMS 2.0 powerful and flexible such that each grantmaking solution we develop is custom tailored to the unique needs of each grantmaker.

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How did GivingData come to build the next generation data platform for grantmaking organizations?

Since 2009 GivingData has been developing software solutions for grantmakers. We started by building an extension to Microedge GIFTS that empowers the leading first generation grants management system with a wealth of business intelligence features. After some years of providing this service we realized there was an opportunity to build the next generation product. We had the core elements: the right people with deep expertise in strategy and technology for philanthropy, and great working relationships with foundations that were ready for something better, something that leverages new technologies like secure cloud hosting, access to the system from anywhere, on any device, and not just “grants management,” but robust visual analytics, planning tools, task and workflow management, and the ability to integrate grantmaking operations with the rest of the back office systems including Microsoft Office 365 and accounting software, among others.

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Why GivingData is the Best Choice

The past few years have seen a number of new grants management products come to market. The increase in options is good for the sector as a more diverse product landscape leads to more competition and, ultimately, technology that is better keeping pace with the changes happening in philanthropy and technology. Nowadays, data is at the heart of everything, and you need software that supports the way you actually work, not the way a product wants you to work.

And this is why we decided to build a grants management solution. Or rather, this is why we went to our clients, some of the largest and most strategic grantmakers, and said, “Work with us to build this solution. Work with us to build something unique, and of real value to the sector.” And the call was answered. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, engaging deeply with program, grants, finance, and executive teams so that we could really understand the nuances of the way they work.

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We’re not about disrupting the market. And we’re not about the latest bright, shiny software product for foundations. GivingData is about better tools, smarter strategy, better data, and more effective grantmaking, and a dedication to transforming your grantmaking. We’d love to have you join us.

For more information download our one page PDF Fact Sheet.

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