In 2017 GivingData released its GMS 2.0 – a full-featured enterprise-level software solution with substantial functionality for the needs of any foundation. We help streamline grantmaking by customizing the system for the priorities and goals of each organization with which we work.

A GMS that’s powerful, easy to use, and ready to grow with you.

GivingData Grants Management Solutions

We’ve built a GMS platform that’s visually rich with intuitive tools for evaluating your grants data. See the big picture as well as the smallest details to inform decision-making and analyze processes and results.

GivingData’s GMS

Features to meet the needs of all types of grantmakers.

GivingData Grants Management Solutions

GivingData’s GMS has all the features and functionality you’d expect to find in an industry-leading enterprise-class grant management platform – one that’s been built in collaboration with foundations.

GivingData’s Features

Using Microedge GIFTS? We’ve got you covered.

GivingData Grants Management Solutions

In 2009 we built a “business intelligence” extension for Microedge GIFTS. Now we have a seamless migration from GIFTS to GivingData’s GMS, which preserves your historic data and empowers your future.

GivingData for GIFTS

GivingData Strategy

Because a new Grants Management System is more than a software procurement project.

When we talk about “smart strategy” we’re referring to our team of consultants with deep experience in philanthropy who understand that our GMS is more than great software, it’s a portal to a new empowered way of working – new efficiencies, new processes, new insights – to wit, transformed grantmaking.

GivingData Strategy

GivingData Case Studies

Every organization is unique, but many seek solutions to common needs.
Read our Case Studies to learn more about how we address these needs.

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