We’re working with our foundation partners to change the paradigm of grantmaker-grantee collaboration. Gone are the days of transactional grantmaking, where simple forms-based application and review processes are adequate for supporting the nuanced conversations between program officers, grants managers, and grantseekers. Grantmaking today is collaborative and conversational, and the web applications that support these interactions need to be easy to use and integrated with everyday tools like email and mobile apps. And all of it needs to be captured in the grants management system, the system of record and institutional knowledge for a foundation.¬†And this is why at GivingData, we’re building a whole new suite of tools and capabilities for managing grantee relationships. We’re calling it GRM – Grantee Relationship Management.

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing a slew of new features that support your grantee relationship management activities. Included are:

  • Email Integration (including batch email send)
  • Inline Discussions/Collaboration in Applications and Grantee Reports
  • Grantee and Contact Interactions (Site Visits, Phone Meetings, Email)
  • Enhancements to Grantee 360
  • Email and In-App Notifications (with reply-by-email)

Collaboration and communication with your grantees should be as streamlined and frictionless as possible. We recognize this and it’s why we’re building a one of a kind GRM system integrated with our GMS 2.0 product. Stay tuned over the coming months for more on these exciting developments.

Learn more about GivingData GMS 2.0.

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