Justworks, an all-in-one HR service provider featured GivingData in its January 4, 2017 article, How One Bootstrapped Business Competes for the Best Tech Talent.

Giving Data - Grants Management System

The article calls attention to GivingData’s success at hiring in Boston’s very competitive market, as a self-funded business competing against larger corporations and well-funded start-ups. GivingData is cited as a great example of a bootstrapped company that uses four strategies to attract top tech talent:

  1. Hire Remote Workers, which allows the company to recruit from a wide pool of talent;
  2. Offer Flexible Work Hours, which, according to a report by Inc. Magazine makes employees more productive;
  3. Focus on What Matters – by outsourcing GivingData’s HR administration, the company can dedicate all its working time to serving clients and advancing their products;
  4. Have a Mission that Makes a Difference – according to Alf Gracombe, president of GivingData, “we sleep well at night knowing that the work we do goes towards good causes.”

To read the full article, visit Justworks.