We’re at the PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference in Denver (March 11-13). We’re sponsoring the Monday Lunch, exhibiting in the vendor hall (stop by and say “hello”), and we’ll be presenting some of our recent product features and collaborations with our clients at a session titled, “What if there were Another Way? Exploring New Tools to Simplify and Streamline Our Work”. We look forward to seeing you in Denver at this one-of-a-kind event for grantmakers.

More About the Session

Over the years, we have come to accept certain ways to do our work even if we are not 100% happy with them. We use Microsoft Word templates to merge data from our grants management systems (GMSs) into letters, contracts, and grant summaries. We use spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting or to create elaborate pivot table reports. While getting the job done, these solutions are far from ideal. Don’t we all hate it when we have to go back to our GMS to update grant amounts and descriptions after editing them in a contract? And how about those shadow spreadsheets, where we track new grant ideas? Isn’t it tedious to keep them up to date? But what if there were another way to get the job done? What if we had documents that automatically update our GMS while we are editing them? What if we abandoned our spreadsheets for powerful budgeting and forecasting tools, fully integrated with our GMS? In this session, we will demonstrate a few of the GivingData features that can help you work in more efficient and streamlined ways. You will see new tools, hear from the clients who partnered with us to build them, and explore with peers how you could use them to address your challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  1. See the tools that GivingData is building to support new ways of working.
  2. Hear how other funders have found new ways to do their work.
  3. Share your own challenges and explore alternative solutions with peers and consultants from the GivingData team.


Learn more about the conference at https://peak2019.peakgrantmaking.org.