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Version 3.1

Version 3.1 includes design and functional updates and refinements to Version 3.0 released late last year, as well as a completely new addition to the GivingData platform, the Requirements Dashboard. Like all GivingData features, the Requirements Dashboard provides high level and detailed views of the data, giving users flexible querying and sorting [...]

Version 3.12017-08-17T12:10:43-04:00

Version 3.0

Since January of this year we’ve been working on a complete visual redesign of GivingData. After months of design, development, testing, and user feedback, GivingData 3.0 is officially released. Like all version releases, GivingData 3.0 is available to our clients as part of their support and maintenance agreement. We have [...]

Version 3.02017-08-17T12:10:43-04:00

Version 2.5

We just released GivingData Version 2.5. Updates in this release include: New payment projection calculation tools for pre-pipeline request records and scenario planning. Pre-Pipeline payments are now given a status of "Projected" and estimated payments calculated from GIFTS requests (pending payments) are given a status of "Estimated". This status can [...]

Version 2.52015-03-19T23:35:16-04:00

Version 2.4.9

We just released GivingData Version 2.4.9. Updates in this release include: A new Weekly Dashboard view added as part of the Payments Dashboard and the Approvals Dashboard. This view shows payment and approval projections and actuals by week. A great feature for finance teams who need to see a clear [...]

Version 2.4.92017-08-17T12:10:44-04:00

Version 2.4.8

We just released GivingData Version 2.4.8. Updates in this release include: New dashboard style homepage design which replaces the standard menu-style view. New map tile service: We're using a new map tile service, Mapbox, providing new and improved map views on the organization detail page and the Cluster Map in [...]

Version 2.4.82017-08-17T12:10:44-04:00

Version 2.4.7

We just released GivingData Version 2.4.7. Updates in this release include: "Remember Me" login option, giving the user the option to be automatically logged in when returning to GivingData. View review stage details (from ReviewerConnect) on the grant record detail page. Also provides a printer-friendly view of all review stage [...]

Version 2.4.72017-08-17T12:10:44-04:00