Version 2.2 Released: New Map Visualization

We’ve just finished up testing our latest version release, GivingData Version 2.2, and are making it available to our customers today. This release is very significant, in part because of a brand new map visualization, the Region Map, as well as some revolutionary “under the hood” enhancements that make GivingData [...]

Version 2.2 Released: New Map Visualization2017-08-17T12:10:46-04:00

Version 2.1.3 Released: User Management

We’ve just released GivingData Version 2.1.3, introducing user management for the first time into the platform. With this new feature, each user can have her own unique account and level of access to the platform. Previously, there was a standard user account and an administrative account. With Version 2.1.3, there [...]

Version 2.1.3 Released: User Management2017-08-17T12:10:46-04:00

Next Version Release to Include User Management

In early November we will be releasing a new version of GivingData that will contain User Management capabilities. Instead of just having one login for standard members and one login for administrative users, you will now be able to assign unique login accounts to individual users. […]

Next Version Release to Include User Management2017-08-17T12:10:47-04:00

Let’s Talk About Maps

It would be an understatement to say we're excited to announce the addition of a geolocation mapping data visualization to GivingData. The Cluster Map (beta) is the newest member of the Visualizer module family, and it brings a whole new way of viewing your grants, grantee, and payment data. For [...]

Let’s Talk About Maps2017-08-17T12:10:47-04:00

New Feature: Multi-Year View

This week we've added a new feature in the Dashboard — the ability to view multiple years of grant commitments at once. Previously, all payment data was viewed in the context of one calendar year, that is, only one year's worth of data could be viewed at once. Now, by [...]

New Feature: Multi-Year View2017-08-17T12:10:48-04:00