GivingData’s grantmaking solutions combine our full-featured GMS 2.0 grants management system with best-in-class strategic consulting to help foundations transform their grantmaking. GivingData is the only company in Idealware’s Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Systems to earn “outstanding” ratings in every category for customer experience.

Founded in 2008, our team is comprised of seasoned technologists, designers, and strategists who have developed software and solutions with many of the world’s best-known philanthropies.

The GivingData team has deep knowledge of philanthropy, and we’re mission-driven, like foundations. With our great GMS and smart strategy GivingData is your trusted partner.

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GivingData is dedicated to transforming grantmaking
with great software and smart strategy.

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GivingData Strategic Consulting

GivingData - Grants Management

GivingData helps foundations transform their grantmaking with a full-featured grants management system and a well-established consulting process. We help you leverage the power of our product to inform your decision-making, analyze results, and optimize your processes. Plus GivingData’s GMS integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, popular accounting applications, and a variety of other software foundations rely on.

GivingData provides solutions combining software and strategy.

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The GivingData team is dedicated to developing innovative software solutions for grantmaking organizations. We believe that, in order to succeed, we must pair our enterprise-class software with experienced technologists and strategists who listen, empathize, and learn as they develop solutions to address our client’s challenges and needs.

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GivingData is a great place to work. We’re committed to delivering the highest-quality solutions for our clients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Learn more.