With the release of our new grants management product, we’re also releasing our full integration with the Microsoft Office 365 platform. If your foundation uses the Microsoft Office platform (and it’s the rare foundation that doesn’t), then you’ll love our document management and storage solution that’s fully integrated with Microsoft’s flagship product. And best of all, it’s all available in the Cloud through your web browser.

Office 365 Logo

Traditionally document management has had an uneasy and awkward relationship in grants management products. Managing the data is one thing, but managing documents (write ups, grant agreement letters, budgets, reports) is another. But with GivingData and Office 365, the future — the present, actually — of document management is full integration with your grants management solution. Edit and collaborate in real time, store your documents safely and securely in the Microsoft Cloud, and perform all of your document management from within GivingData.

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